We make lithic tools, neolithics scythes and fire

Day: 21/04/2018
Timetable: 16:30 a 19:30
Participants: Workshop for all ages
Inscription: No
Locations: plaça del Conqueridor

With this activity we will recapitulate “live”, how the techniques in the fabrication of lithic tools have changed during the human evolution and Prehistory.  In this activity you will learn how to make fire like it was made in prehistoric times, without any lighter or matches. It is more difficult than it seems. Will you achieve it? This workshop will be conducted by David Canales, divulging technic from the Atapuerca Foundation.

Timetable:  4.30p.m to 7.30 p.m

Where: plaça del Conqueridor

Workshop for all ages.

Inscription not needed

Conducted by Projecte Closos – ArqueoUIB